Success Stories

ATMU has chosen four students to share their success stories with the MBA to assist new students and our University in future. They will also talk about how ATMU changed their mindset.

The interview covers the following questions:

  1. Why did you choose to obtain an MBA?
  2. What accomplishments have you achieved since graduating from ATMU?
  3. What are your most memorable moments while attending the program?
  4. What advice would you give new students attending programs at ATMU?


Plan Review-Engineer with Safe-built Contract Onsite with City of Palo Alto, CA

Medhat has built an incredible career in civil engineering. He has more than 20 years’ worth of experience in the Gulf and the Middle East. After finishing his MBA at ATMU, Medhat was employed by Alameda County. In fact, Medhat expressly stated that he wouldn’t have been qualified for this great job if he hadn’t earned his MBA at ATMU.


Personal Banker at JPMorgan Chase, Concord

Shereen started her career in the USA at Metro PCS for 2 years as a Sales & Store Manager. She later joined JPMorgan Chase as a Personal Banker. She discussed the opportunity to achieve her MBA with her manager and received his subsequent support. At the time of the interview, Shereen is poised for promotion to branch manager.


Marina graduated in 2014 from San Francisco State University with a BS in Business Administration and concentration in Finance. She decided to work on her career by starting her MBA at ATMU. Marina did an excellent job and soon achieved her Master of Business Administration with a high GPA. She got hired by a multinational company not long after, and is quite happy to have accomplished her dream.


Civil Engineer, Krazan Construction Company

Morice started his career at Walmart as a Department Manager, but his passion lay in civil engineering. He worked towards his MBA at ATMU in order to get a better job and spark a career change. After achieving his MBA, he applied as a building inspector for the Krazan construction company. Morice is incredibly happy about the career change, especially since an engineering career is what he’s truly wanted all this time. At the the time of this interview, Morice is currently working towards a Professional Project Management Certificate.

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