MBA Program

Master of
Business Administration

ATMU’s MBA Accelerated Program aims to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and strategic application, with a focus on peer-learning and on-site implementation. Graduates of this program will be exposed to all the necessary operations of a functional organization including, but not limited to: marketing, finance, accounting, operations, and human resources. Under the tutelage of global, hand-picked faculty with considerable real-world experience from both academia and industry, ATMU students will be exposed to expertise that is tempered by real-life skill.

The ATMU Master of Business Administration (MBA) is intended to address student competencies of excellence locally and internationally, to provide a broadly educated student, through the provision of knowledge creation, research skills and competencies based on scientific process and findings.

The ATMU MBA program offers the students the opportunity to acquire a specialization in seven (7) areas:
Organizational Leadership
Human Resources Management
Information Management
Project Management
Marketing Management
Healthcare Management
Program Duration: 12/18 Months

Program Objectives

    • Prepare students for careers in Management and Leadership
    • Build comprehensive foundations in fundamental management knowledge and practices
    • Teach how to successfully apply advanced tools and techniques for intelligent decision-making in organization settings
    • Provide students with necessary foundations to support their development as competent and effective managers
    • Help students develop skills needed for:
    • Complex Problem Analysis
    • Decision Making
    • Modern Strategic Management Methods

Program Learning Outcomes

Formulate an integrative business project through the application of multidisciplinary knowledge in the specialization area of organizational leadership
Analyze the impact of decisions and actions on stakeholders including interpersonal, societal, environmental, and organizational considerations
Develop skills to generate novel and value-creating products, processes, or organizational forms
Demonstrate professional interaction and communication skills
Apply skills appropriate for senior management professionals in the areas of organizational leadership, including analytic thinking, clear communication, effective teamwork, global perspective, and ethical practices
NOTE: The learning outcomes of the MBA program are measured through the Strategic Management
Capstone Course: a summative assessment to gauge the student’s successful attainment of the learning
outcomes of his/her specialization area. The student will take this final course in the MBA program after successfully passing all nine (9) standard core courses and the two (2) specialization core courses in the program specialization area.

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