Dr. Manish Malhotra

Owner / Chancellor

  • Founder and CEO/Managing Director of Australian Technical and Management College
  • Acquired Sheila Baxter Institute in Melbourne to create ATMC Education Group in 2017
  • Board member and 50% owner of ATMU (since late 2017)
  • Performed as a Research Fellow at DSN (Distributed Systems & Networking) discipline at School of Computer Science, RMIT University. Project leader of MIDAS (Mobile Intelligent Distributed Application System) which aimed to design a scalable web services infrastructure for logistic applications
  • Holds a PhD in Computer Engineering from RMIT Melbourne


Mr. Martin Nielsen

Owner / President (CEO) & CFO

  • Founder and CEO/Managing Director of “My Global World Group” which has Business schools in Denmark and Switzerland as well as campuses in Vietnam, Egypt and Malaysia.
  • Founder of ATMU and 50% owner of ATMU.
  • Graduated from Aarhus Business School (Aarhus University)
  • Entrepreneur by heart


Lawrence Rubly

Dean of Business and Director, Student Success

An accomplished general manager with a strong international background in business development and in online and traditional education management and technology transfer applications, Lawrence exhibits exceptional interpersonal and relationship- building skills. He excels at developing disciplined teams and providing the vision, strategy, and collaborative leadership necessary to achieve critical business objectives.

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