1. Introduction

ATMU provides support for adult students and staffs to meet course requirements and conduct research. Most of target student are adult learners or working students. Most students are working adults. ATMU aims to corporate with more external scholarly resources for student as well as its learning system.

2. Virtual library and online resources

-ATMU students and faculty can access LIRN library ( 24/7 online library from external sources.
ATMU provides students with online library resources and services through our consortium membership and subscriptions with the Library & Information Resources Network (LIRN). ATMU subscribes to 43 research databases from Gale, ProQuest, Skillsoft, and Statista to provide access to online books, as well as content from journals, magazines, dissertations, and news sources covering topics relevant to general education, business, economics, and more. Students can access our online library resources 24/7. To connect to our online library, go to (insert the link to your ATMU Moodle login page here) and click on the Online Library link. Login with the number provided. ATMU also subscribes to LIRN’s Librarian Service. For research assistance and training, students and faculty can contact helpful, experienced LIRN librarians at

– Students have access to ATMU Moodle/LMS ( , which includes teaching resources and slides from instructors.

– Students can raise inquiries regarding the learning topics any time via Moodle.

– Most of lectures are recorded and shared with students in order to lifelong learning

– Live lectures are given via ATMU Moodle using the WizIq software

3. Onsite Library at ATMU:

ATMU existing library contains the following:

-A learning center in ATMU facilities with 3 computers, desks and internet access

– A librarian office with shelves for hard copy books, Journals, and professional magazines.

-Hard copy textbooks that cover all courses in the BBA, MBA, and DBA Programs.

– Librarian available to help students during class times and during the week .

– Students not finding the full-text of the resource that they want through ATMU, they have access to the near by community college libraries and municipal libraries

4.Plan for library development

– Hiring and retaining a sufficient number of librarians and staff to support the learning, teaching, and scholarship services offered by the library in support of ATMU’s curriculum.

– Continuing the library’s commitment to recruiting a diverse staff.

– Ensuring that librarians and staff have opportunities to take advantage of various professional development programs, training, and other professional experiences.

– Developing internal training programs and/or utilizing external programs that will enhance employees’ ability to meet job requirements and prepare for advancement in an increasingly technological environment

– Sign a publisher’s agreement with Pearson, Mc-Graw Hill …etc. to provide ATMU students access to textbooks either directly or through the LMS, also to provide instructor materials that go with the textbooks

– Continuing to work with faculty on integrating Information literacy into the university curriculum.

– Assessing the library’s role and contribution in student success.

– Improving the exposure and promotion of ATMU’s collections, spaces, and services to the student body. – Increasing ATMU’s capacity to deliver, evaluate, and improve library services.

– Continuing to expand and create teaching and learning programs and resources that educate our users in the use of library resources.

– Improving services and user satisfaction at all points of contact.

– Develop programs to support practitioner instructor

– Continuing to support subscriptions to databases and the acquisition of digital resources that can be accessed online by the campus community.

– Continuing to support the acquisition of new computers and other digital equipment to increase access to a robust on-line collection.

Computing services at ATMU

– ATMU provides students free Wi-Fi access at campus, so that, students can access to all resources they need while learning at ATMU.

– ATMU provides Learning Management System (LMS) as a communication tool between instructors and students such as sharing slides, submitting assignment, evaluating, grading. With LMS, student can contact with the instructor 24/7 and also to ensure the transparency within ATMU. – Classrooms are equipped with a camera to record the lecture for students, so, they can review the lessons anytime.

Plan for IT and computing development

ATMU aims to support students with compatible services, the university intends during the 2017-2020 time frame to upgrade its IT equipment and systems as follows:

– Building a lab room with 6-10 computers for students for internet access and email as well as utilize general software such as MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint; language learning; online learning and resources.

– Increase Internet bandwidth within ATMU campus.

– Equip a printing and photocopy area for students and staff.

– Build a teleconference room, so students can have exchange lecture world-wide

– Email system for students


ATMU has an office space in Corporate Commons, 6200 Stoneridge Mall Road, 3rd Floor, Pleasanton, California, 94588 The Corporate Commons Center is located in a large business park and offers third-floor views of the San Francisco East Bay foothills. It’s close to numerous blue-chip companies and is opposite the East Bay’s largest shopping mall, Stoneridge. Affluent Pleasanton has a number of business parks, the largest of which is the Hacienda. These host campus-like clusters of low-rise and medium-rise office buildings. Pleasanton has been successful in attracting a number of corporate headquarters, including Safeway Inc. Businesses in professional, scientific, and technical services are major employers, as are those involved with computer and electronic products, finance and insurance, and telecommunications. Pleasanton’s historic downtown area is lively, with fine-dining, specialty retailers and service businesses.

The center has three conference rooms. Close to the intersection of Interstates 580 and 680.

The ATMU office space is equipped with modern, ergonomic office furniture within a highly professional business environment. The office has a communal kitchen with tea and coffee making facilities in addition to business lounges and smaller break out areas with access to a printer, scanner and photocopier.

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