Joyce Fedeczko

Head Librarian

Ms. Fedeczko is the virtual business librarian for ATMU’s degree-seeking students. She also serves as the managing librarian and archivist at the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

The IFDC Library was established to provide research and technical information services for local and out-posted IFDC staff engaged in agricultural research—including marketing and plant-nutrient technology, training activities and technology transfer. For IFDC, Joyce is responsible for the IFDC and Tennessee Valley Authority Fertilizer specific library collections and archives.

Before coming to Alabama, Joyce had spent the last thirteen years of her career as the information resources director and content management team lead at BP in Naperville, IL, on assignment with Library Associates Companies (LAC), a library outsourcing company based in Los Angeles, CA.

Phyllis Shannon


Her studies in Business Administration have allowed Phyllis to use her skills as a Registrar, Dean of Students, and Student Advocate extensively. She is highly appreciated and recognized by all of management, from her current employers to her previous ones. The effort that Phyllis provides involves working directly with students for the past 13 years in record management, and providing assistance as an advocate and disciplinarian to support students with social/emotional needs.

Mary Shahid


Ms. Mary has over twenty-five years of experience in accounting and financial services for both public and private companies. She has held managerial and senior accounting positions with multiple small and midsize corporations.

In an ever-evolving tax environment, she draws from her experience as an IRS Auditor for small business and self-employed taxpayers to navigate emerging tax strategies. In an ever-growing international market where solid communication is essential, Mary is a unique asset with her language fluency in English, French and Arabic and leadership in accounting and financial services markets.

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