ATMU Policy # 10 Credit for Prior Learning

1. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish criteria and guidelines for the awarding of academic credit for outside formal classroom activities or experiences.

2. Prior Learning Assessment:

The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning defines prior learning assessment as “the evaluation and assessment of an individual’s life learning for college credit, certification, or advanced standing toward further education or training. Prior learning assessment is often applied to military and work experience, as well as community service, informal online learning, and other [college-level] learning acquired outside traditional academic institutions.”

Prior Learning credits will be awarded as per the following guidelines:

  • No more than 25% of the total credits required for a degree may be awarded for prior learning.
  • Credit is awarded only for documented and assessed college-level learning that ties the student’s 
prior experience(s) to the content of the relevant academic field or discipline at the appropriate level of learning.
  • Credit is awarded only in areas which fall within the regular curricular offerings at ATMU
  • ATMU may use portfolios, documentation, and interviews in lieu of examinations demonstrate that the evidence of learning provided by the student provides academic assurances of equivalency
to credit earned by traditional means.
  • If a student seeks academic credit for prior learning, he/she will need to submit a request form to the Admissions Office when receiving ATMU’s acceptance letter.
  • Assessment of prior learning will be focused on student learning and be based on the declaration/ essay of the student regarding his/her prior learning and the learning outcome(s) of the course. ATMU also accepts the credit-by-example program, offering tests in a wide variety of subject area. Additional information can be found at
  • ATM will make no assurances – prior to the assessment of prior learning – regarding the number of credits a student may earn via prior learning.
  • Credit is awarded only with a review by the instructor who has the appropriate subject matter expertise and academic 
qualifications, and then the approval of the dean. The instructor will consult with the dean whether the prior learning assessment concludes that full, partial, or no credit will be awarded. In some cases, ATMU will use the “credit-recommendation service”, offered by American Council on Education (ACE), The student will be required to the additional fee for this service if he/she wants this service provided by ACE.
  • Credit is only awarded to matriculated students and is identified on the student’s academic transcript as credit for prior learning.
  • The fee for prior learning assessment is $100 and is non-refundable.


Open attachment below for Prior Learning Assessment Request Form

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