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Start Date


1 Maria Morgan Nov.'16 Onsite
2 Mariam Haleem Nov.'16 Onsite
3 Sandy Momtaz Nov.'16 Onsite
4 Osama Habib Nov.'16 Onsite
5 Nesren Anton Nov.'16 Onsite
6 Medhat Wilson Henen Nov.'16 Onsite
7 Medhat Gourgui Nov.'16 Onsite
8 Bishoy Boghdady Nov.'16 Onsite
9 Jakleen Saleeb Nov.'16 Onsite
10 Issam Girgis Nov.'16 Onsite
11 Mina Touma Farag Nov.'16 Onsite
12 Noha Tawadrous Nov.'16 Onsite
13 Sameh Gabra Nov.'16 Onsite
14 Michel Eshak Nov.'16 Onsite
15 Jack Yassa Nov.'16 Onsite
16 Marina Ayad Jan'17 Onsite
17 Riyad Keliny Jan'17 Onsite
18 SHEREEN LOUKA Jan'17 Onsite
19 ERIN GABALLA Jan'17 Onsite
20 Rania Gergis Jan'17 Onsite
21 Morice Aziz Jan'17 Onsite
22 Narges Rofaeel Jan'17 Onsite
23 Hany Nassif Feb'17 Onsite
24 Amir Salama Mar'17 Onsite
25 Waguih Guindi Mar'17 Onsite
26 Ramez Mousa Mar'17 Onsite
27 Hesham Guirguis Mar'17 Onsite
28 Ghada Hanna Mar'17 Onsite
29 Mina Moussa May'17 Online

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